Black & White 35mm event photos by: Samantha Girgenti

If you are from New Orleans, you understand the curse of the tourist.  If you visit, you may think you are at a party "where the locals hang out" but if you know the real locals, you know they are smart enough never to settle at one location for too long.  Pop up events and secret parties are the key to keeping an event full of good people and good energy.  Lax drinking laws make it so boozing on the streets is comfortable without fear of city officials shutting you down, and if you know where to go, you can avoid any run ins all together.  Chelsea Nyegaard, photographer and BAD BOOKS LTD contributor knew this when she planned her party.  Considering the classic car element of her imagery, she selected a classic car restoration garage called "The Bomb Factory" that houses a few of the vehicles featured in the zine.  

Color 35mm event photos by Chelsea Nyegaard